The Back Yard

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You left me bleeding in the back yard of your house
I know you told me those walls were too high for me to go through
But still I had to try

I put up a ladder that broke the minute I stepped foot on it
I then tried a stool which had no seat for me to climb on to
Finally I discovered a trampoline
It allowed me to peep but never to move on to the other side

I became tired of jumping up and down all day long
Remaining in the same place
But I couldn’t stop
And so you pushed me and I fell
I balanced 500 feet up in the air and then I hit the ground
Making a silent noise
Thank you…

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Blogger pandora pensou...

às vezes é preciso uma boa queda para aprendermos... dar com a cabeça na parede tb ajuda!
pena que os genes tb te tenham passado esta minha tendência para nunca desistir, e para me atirar no abismo mesmo sabendo que não passa disso mesmo, um abismo :/

bj. da mãe.

2:35 da manhã  
Anonymous Anónimo pensou...

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Anonymous Anónimo pensou...

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