I Want You Now

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I want you now
Tomorrow won't do
There's a yearning inside
And it's showing through
Reach out your hands
And accept my love
We've waited for too long
Enough is enough
I want you now

My heart is aching
My body is burning
My hands are shaking
My head is turning
Do you understand
It's so easy to choose
We've got time to kill
We've got nothing to lose
I want you now

And I don't mean to sound
Like one of the boys
That's not what I'm trying to do
I don't want to be
Like one of the boys
I just want you now

Because I've got a love
A love that won't wait
A love that is growing
And it's getting late
Do you know what it means
To be left this way
When everyone's gone
And the feelings they stay
I want you now

(Depeche Mode)

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ola mary! hihi vou te fazer um comment aki e tu sabx pk??!! lol! pk n tenx comentarios aki! e eu n percebo pk? pk xta letra é girissima! goxtei mt! bjoes***

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